Monday, 21 April 2014

Sowing Seeds, Spring Vegetable Gardening.

I grow bits and bobs of salad and herbs on my balcony outside my flat, but do my proper growing in a little bit of my mums garden which is a ten minute walk away.

I planted my seeds in the sunshine the other day.

'Minipop' sweet corn, broad beans, sunflowers.

'Mikinos' and 'Black Beauty' courgette, sweet peppers, livingstone daisies, sweetpeas and more sunflowers.

Mum put some mini polytunnels on my bit of garden to warm the soil.  Underneath I planted spinach, rainbow chard, kale and Japanese bunching onions.

I have my first sprouters already, sunflowers!

I can't wait for summer strawberries!

And here are a couple of photos of mum's garden looking pretty and springlike.

What are you growing this year?


  1. Your mam's garden looks lovely - it is fabulous to have a little land to grow stuff on isn't it - little man and I did some sowing last week and have some more to do today, the spuds are begging to be put in the ground but they will have to wait until little man is back at school tomorrow. Have a great Bank Holiday.

    1. She does have a lovely garden, I'm lucky she lets me share a bit of it! Happy potato planting!

  2. looks quite summery there already! here it's just about spring still. but i think it's safe to start some seeds off indoors now. your post reminded me that i really want to plant some sunflowers this year, from the winter birdfeeding seed mix i have left over! :)

    1. I always plant sunflowers from bird seed too! :)


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