Saturday, 6 June 2015

Vegan Junk Food - The Accidental Vegan.

There's a new feature in this month's edition of Vegan Life magazine, and I'm a big fan of it!   

I already knew about the crisps, my quality of life improved so much when I learned Walkers Prawn Cocktail crisps were suitable for vegans.  There are lots of other treats featured that I didn't know I could eat!

   Vegan Life Magazine June 2015 Accidental Vegan

I've written about lots of vegan junk food already, but some of the ones I haven't mentioned before are, 

McCoys Salt and Vinegar crisps
Bourbon biscuits
Rib n Saucy Nik Naks
Lindt 70% dark chocolate
BBQ or Paprika Pringles


What are your favourite accidentally vegan treats?

Vegan Life Magazine June 2015 Accidental Vegan 

Issue 6 of Vegan Life Magazine is available to buy now from some shops or digitally.

Disclosure - I have been provided with a free digital subscription to Vegan Life Magazine in return for reviewing this publication.  I have my own little page in the bloggers section on their lovely website.  All opinions are, of course, my own.  All photos c/o Vegan Life Magazine.


  1. Accidentally vegan stuff we love includes Oreos (the double stuffed ones are amazing), Greggs Belgian buns, Co-op custard donuts, fig roll biscuits... basically anything high in sugar and extremely bad for us!

    1. Are you telling me that Greggs have vegan Belgian buns, because that just made my day! :)


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