Friday, 3 June 2016

Easy green actions and articles, June 2016.

A monthly collection of easy eco friendly actions and interesting green articles. #ecoblogger #greenblogger

Hey eco-friendly people and people who want to be a bit more eco-friendly, here's this month's round up of green actions and articles,  

Possibly my favourite news story of all time, the escape of Inky the octopus.  Go Inky go!

I've been reading Lucy's blog for ages, she doesn't wash her hair and lives in an awesome yurt in New Zealand.  Read about how she was arrested for protesting against a mine on protected mountain land

I seem to share something about fracking every month, can fracking go away now please?  Add your name to Friend's of the Earth's 'People's Declaration' to let North Yorkshire Council know their decision to allow fracking is unwelcome.  

I just LOVE this petition from a little girl asking McDonalds to reduce plastic waste by switching to paper straws.

Microfiber — which often makes an appearance in clothing, furniture, and sheets as well as cleaning cloths — is a textile made from ultrafine synthetic yarns, namely polyester and nylon. It has a few nice properties that make it especially good for cleaning and give it some green cred. Spoiler: I’m not going to recommend that you convert to it.

I love Wendy's collection of ethical wellies on her blog, Moral Fibres.  (I'm a bit in love with the red ones!) 

Tell Nestle's CEO that water doesn't belong to them, and they can't just take it without permission!

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  1. That makes me really sad about the Microfibre cloths! I tend to use sponges with scourers but I'm sure that also leaves residue too! Our world of plastic is really harmful!
    So far after your post last month, I've been taking home the staff plastic milk bottles that used to end up in the bin and putting them in my recycling so I'm glad I've done a little bit this month. Also been saving up any junk mail envelopes and giving them to teachers to use when kids come in with loose money for school trips! Might ask the office if I can leave a basket with them by the office too so if parents come in to pay without an envelope, they can use them instead of new envelopes which they ask the office for.

    1. Yey! Go Kezzie! That makes me so happy :) I love the envelope idea, so clever to put them where they're most needed!

      I use something called 'Spontex Moppets' (I think that's a funny name by the way!) for my cleaning, with a wooden scrubbing brush, the moppets are biodegradable and can be snipped up and put the compost bin :)

  2. Ah, that's a handy wellie guide. I was online searching for ethical wellies a few months back and found a few of these but not all

    1. I need new wellies (or do I just want them?!), it's nice when someone else puts the work into finding nice eco-friendly stuff for you isn't it!


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