Friday, 19 August 2016

How to make mandarin orange ice lollies.

These mandarin orange ice lollies are the easiest things to make, ever!  I don't even want to call it a recipe, it's basically frozen fruit! 

How to make mandarin orange ice lollies. #icelollies #popsicles #recipe #vegan #healthy #veganblog

You will need
1 can of mandarin orange segments, in juice.
ice lolly molds

How to make your yummy vegan ice lollies
Open the can of mandarin orange segments and use a fork to help you scoop the segments out of the can and into the ice lolly moulds.  

Use the fork to scooch the orange down to the bottom of the mould and try to eliminate air gaps.  Nothing bad will happen if you have air gaps, the lollies just don't hold together so well.  It's probably best to use the push up type lolly mould for this reason, to contain them in case they get a bit fallling-apart-y.  

You can add a little of the juice from the can to each mold too if you like.  

After a couple of hours in the freezer they'll be ready to eat!

How to make mandarin orange ice lollies. #icelollies #popsicles #recipe #vegan #healthy #veganblog

These ice lollies are loads healthier and cheaper than shop bought ones, especially if you get the orange in juice rather than in syrup - then there's no added sugar. This tin of oranges was £1, so each of my lollies cost 25 pennies!  Incidentally, one small can of mandarin orange segments it enough to fill my 4 silicone push up ice lolly moulds.  Yey!  

How to make mandarin orange ice lollies. #icelollies #popsicles #recipe #vegan #healthy #veganblog

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  1. Thats an interesting take on ice lollies.:)

  2. MMm! I actually made something similar (are your moulds from Tiger? If so, I have the same) except that I was left with all these stabbed oranges from the fruit pianos at school and I squeezed and pulped the remaining juice and flesh into the Tiger pushup pols!!

    1. Oooh, what's a fruit piano, that sounds intriguing! Fresh orangle lollies sound good! :)

      My molds are from Ikea, I've seen the similar ones in Tiger though too :)


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