Friday, 23 June 2017

Photo an hour, June 2017.

Saturday the 17th was photo an hour day, in Susieland this is an excellent date because it's nice and neat, 17/6/17 - I always think I'll have a better day when the date's a nice number.  Here are my photos.

Photo an hour in organised by Jane and Louisa, anyone can join in and post their hourly photos on social media throughout the day tagging them #photoanhour.  Why don't you join in next time?
10am -  Feeling very hayfever-y so I took a long time to wake up - sofa + tissues + weetabix in the meantime.

11am - Plan for today involved doing at least 3 loads of washing so it can dry in the sunshine.  I think this makes me officially old. 

12pm - I pulled a few weeds up in the garden and admired these pretty flowers. 

1pm - I regretted my choice to go to the market, it was suuuuuuper hot, but 2 older ladies stopped me to say they liked my dress, so that was something. 

2pm - My lunch is home-grown salad, and couscous with chickpeas. 

3pm - Second lot of washing out, third lot of washing in.  Not the most exciting of days. 

7pm - I lost a couple of hours to a nap, then woke up really sleepy and out of it.  But I still managed to watch Doctor Who.

8pm - Watering the pots outside just as the light caught this pretty foxglove. 

9pm - I wanted to watch this when it came out, but no cinemas near me showed it, thanks to Netflix I got to watch it at last! 

Did you take part this time?  How was your day?



  1. Your day looks fine to me, not boring at all (though washing isn't fun!) but you took some lovely photos. I joined in too, it was a day when I was working (I do casual work for the wildlife trust) so it was a more interesting day than most Saturdays at the moment!

    1. Here's my day...

    2. Aw thank you :) I quite often have a mooching about day on a Saturday, because I have days off during the week so I go out then, I'm aware it makes me look like I never go anywhere!

      Sounds like you had a nice day, I'm going to go and have a nosey at it now :)


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