Friday, 31 July 2009


I have too many books!!

This is because I studied English Literature all the way through school and at uni and have a problem throwing books out.

But, I have got rid of some, mostly to charity shops and sold some on Ebay.
The books that really meant something to me I set free with book crossing stickers on. If you haven't heard of it, book crossing is a website where you get a registration number for your books, then put them somewhere someone will find them, like a shopping centre, park bench or train station. You can let other people know where you've hidden your book on the site, but really it's up to fate who finds your book! The person who finds it enters the book crossing number into the website and registers that they found it. Once they've read it they can release it again and write on the site where they've left it, and so on, so you get a record of where your book has been and who's read it. And it's recycling! And you get free books! I once found a copy of 'The Buddha of Suburbia' in Sainsburys - extremely exciting!

I'm trying not to buy any new books...especially not when you can get second hand books from charity shops and book shops, library
books and, if you're lucky, books for free!!

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  1. The book I'm currently reading is awesome and was only $0.50 at Salvation Army. :)


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