Friday, 3 July 2009


I bought something new :(
Part of my whole less-consumption thing was that I wasn't going to buy any new clothes, cos I have about 3 wardrobes full (seriously! I have a problem!) and those that I did buy would be second hand or fair trade and organic....I had a farewell meal to go to with the people from my course and had 2 days to find something to wear, there was nothing in the charity shops so I went into town and bought a dress from H&M and some flip flops from Primark (argh!) and a necklace that I ended up not wearing - oh dear! I haven't been high-street shopping for months and it made me remember why I hate shopping - especially when it's so hot and busy.

Here is the demon new dress
At least it's not to dressy, so I can wear it all summer and to the festival I'm going to next week and I'll probably never get rid of it (I really do have a problem!), but I'm not buying anything else new-new ever! It made me feel sick!! And it cost £13!! Nothing I own costs £13! Deary me!


  1. Hi Sooz,
    I am really impressed and inspired by your entire way of to reduce, reuse, recycle.

  2. Hi Smilee :D
    Aww thankyou :)
    I feel a bit embarrassed and 'is anyone even reading this?!' sometimes doing this blog, but I figured if I'm trying to be an eco-fairy there must be other people doing similar things and if we make what we're doing more public we can all inspire each other in a big, awesome, inspiring cycle! yey! :D


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