Friday, 31 July 2009

Exciting shoots 'n' fruits...

My garlic is growing, my garlic is growing!!!!!!

Only two of them so far, but I'm still extremely excited! My mum wrapped some bubble wrap round them to help them keep warm and germinate (?) quicker, so the rest of them are still in their bubble wrap bed getting ready to grow! I've also lost the recycled cardboard plant labels - they went mouldy!!! Lesson learned!

I also planted some organic radish seeds, about a week ago, and they've all come up! Eeeeeeeee!!

They were really easy to plant, crocks and compost in a plant pot, then I planted 6 seeds half an inch under the soil (you're supposed to plant them in rows in the garden, each seed 9 inches apart from the next, but I'm not allowed to dig up the garden, so a pot it is, they don't have anything near 9 inches between them, but I'm hoping it'll work!) Mum gave them the bubble wrap treatment again, and within 2 days they'd begun to grow! I made my plant label out of the lid of a plastic takeaway container I found in the recycling, and so far it hasn't gone mouldy!

We also have a mammoth cucumber plant (mum's growing it not me), I think most of the cucumbers are destined for Fluffy's (my giant African land snail) tummy!


  1. YAY for the garlic & the radishes growing!!

    We (my Mum) have giant cucumbers too!! :)

  2. Can't believe you have a giant snail - that is so so cool.
    Those Cucumbers look amazing and I bet Fluffy (lol) will love them.
    I've grown Radishes in containers a hundred times and they have always done really well.

  3. Thankyou lol :D
    He's enjoying eating the giant cucumbers now (I took an executive decision to cut them down after the plant fell on my head!)
    I hope my radishes perk themselves up a bit, they've gone all floppy and twisty :s, I think I'll have a word with them about not letting the side down!


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