Tuesday, 6 October 2009

National Zero Waste Week...One month on...

A month ago I took part in My Zero Waste's National Zero Waste Week and decided to use the challenge to finally kick the habit of using pastic bottles and plastic bags for good.

In the last month I haven't used a plastic bag once - fabric bags have been with me at all times!

I used one plastic bottle :( This was when I was staying at a friends and had had nothing to drink all day, it was a fairtrade orange juice from the co-op (which makes it a smidge better I think) and I did carry the bottle around with me till we got to my friends, friends house and asked her to put it in her recyling (I know how to make a first impression lol!). Apart from that one incident, Hello Kitty flask has been my constant companion!


  1. Well done Sooz; that is an amazing achievement. I'm so pleased you've continued with your zero waste pledge!

  2. I love that you held onto your bottle until you got somewhere that you could recycle it, very cool!

  3. Thank you both :D x

    I felt a right wally taking my bottle to someone I didn't know's house!


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