Thursday, 15 October 2009

Vegan Potato Cakes...Recipe...Product swap....

On my quest to reduce non-recyclable plastic from my life I have seen heaven - and it's potato cake shaped! Seriously, these are soooo good I am never ever eating another shop bought, plastic wrapped potato cake again! Do potato cakes seem like a funny thing to need to reduce in ones life? Well, I seem to eat a lot of them, cos they're vegan and yummy and warm and, well, I like potatoey things!

So anyway, this recipe makes 20 2inch potatty cakes (supposedly - I made about 24 but I think I rolled them out too thin)

1 pound of potatoes - peeled
4 oz of plain flour
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp snipped chives (from mums garden! woop woop!)
salt and pepper

*cook potatoes - boil for about 20 mins then drain and return to pan and mash them!
*Add the flour, oil, chives and salt and pepper (I put the flour and oil in mine then split my mixture in half, and left half plain and then mixed the chives into the other half), mix it into a soft dough.
*Put flour everywhere (maybe no everywhere - but that seems to be the result when I get my hands on the flour!), roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch (says the recipe, I'm going to do mine thicker next time) and cut out with a 2inch cutter (I did not use a 2 inch cutter either - what can I say, I'm a potato cake rebel!).
*Cook in a griddle or heavy frying pan, on a low heat for about 10 minutes, turning once after about 5 mins, until both sides are golden and irresistible looking! Put some spread or jam or something on them and eeeaaat!

I made loads and put them on baking trays into the freezer, when they're frozen I'm going to take them off the trays (freezing them like that is supposed to stop them all sticking together!)and put them into boxes in the freezer.

The flower shaped ones are plain and the round ones are chive (chive ones are yummier!)

And here they are cooked, these are weird shaped ones that I made with the left over bits that were too small for the cutters, I did cook some more so I could take a picture of the pretty ones for here, but became distracted by the deliciousness and ate them before I remembered I'd cooked them for the specific purpose of photographing them! Oh dear!


  1. These look gorgeous and I love potatoey things too! Can you cook these in the oven rather than on the griddle do you think?

  2. Hi Mrs Green, thanks for visiting :)

    I think they'd probably be ok in the oven, if I haven't eaten them all by the time I next put the oven on I'll try to remember to have a potato cake experiment in there to find out!

  3. Aww, these look yummy!! :)

    I wonder if they could be made in the oven too, so do tell!! :)

  4. Thanks mangocheeks, they are a bit fab! :)


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