Monday, 19 October 2009

Vegan Lemon Shortbread...Biscuit of the week...

My blog is called the last biscuit, and it's about being eco friendly and reducing my waste and consumption - so surely it would be shameful to continue to eat shop bought plastic wrapped biscuits, wouldn't it?!

To avoid the unrecyclable plastic wrap around those delicious biscuits of goodness I'm going to start baking my own, using ingredients in recyclable packaging and made at times when I already have the oven on cooking something else so I'm not heating it up just for biscuit making (does anyone know if this is the most energy efficient way of doing this? My logic says it is, but it's possible I'm wrong!)

This week I made vegan lemon shortbread biscuits, which I slightly altered from a recipe for orange vegan shortbread which is in the 'Vegan' recipe book by Nicola Graimes, available from T.J. Hughes about 6 months ago. Not sure I can put the recipe up here for fear of being sued for copy write, but there's an almost identical recipe available online here if you scroll down a bit!


  1. YAY for making your own cookies, zero-waste style!! :)

    I plan to do something like you said too, it seems logical that baking a batch along with other stuff would be best!

    In the old times, women used to bake in the big wood-powered furnace, and a friend whose Mum did this, says she always baked stuff together or one after another, on the same day (eg pizza, bread, cookies, etc - not sure what went first or next)

    My family thinks this is kinda 'too much' (overthinking) - they/we've always used oven for 'individual' baking too - today we had 'eggplant pizza' and later in the evening chestnuts! It was all YUMMINESS but I wish they/we were more energy efficient!!
    (Haven't bought or made yeast yet, so partly I haven't been much better, hmm!)

    We need to plan food menus more effciently, suppers included! (So far doing okay-ish with lunches=main meal here!)

  2. I wish I had a big wood stove and lots of days of baking!

    Luckily, my mums always been a bit edgy about using the oven, I think maybe cos it's gas and it's quite expensive to run (?), and I had a lot of 'are you turning that on just for THAT??!' when I was younger, which kinda drilled into me the fact that when the oven went on, EVERYTHING went in! I was just wondering if she had it right! Having said that, tonight I caught my mum using the oven for 1 single solitary potato...which gave me the perfect excuse for a double choc chip cookie bakeathon!

  3. lol about your Mum!

    Well, one single potato has never entered our oven!! :)

    My family want me to bake more cookies, but Sis has always wanted to lose weight too, so it's not really being supportive..? (Though then she buys cookies in a store!! /sigh/)

    Must warn you that bagels and bread take different times to rise and bake - bread takes longer in both cases, so not sure how to sync it best yet!
    I'm thinking probably best to start the bread earlier in the day, so it has more time to rise?
    (We put in one after another in the end!)


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