Monday, 29 March 2010

Preparing for a Zero Waste-ish trip...

Next week I'm heading down to Essex to visit my family (my cousin's just had a baby and my other cousin and her son are coming from Australia to visit - I'm so excited, it's going to be lovely!) and I want to make as little waste as possible while I'm down there, which I always find really hard, mainly cos of food (I'm vegan and I have allergies and I'm a picky eater too! And we're staying at a travel lodge so there'll be nowhere to cook, so it's eating out or buying snack food) and cos we won't have recycling I need your help, dear blog readers, to change these wasteful ways and to think of lots and lots of ways to make my trip as green as possible.

Here's what I've already thought of...

*Me, Mum, my brother and his girlfriend are all driving down in the same car (rather than brother and girlfriend driving down separately) to save petrol/pollution
* Taking snacks and food from home in reusable plastic boxes rather than buying stuff while I'm there (I'm taking nuts, some roasted seeds, dried apple, raisins and breakfast cereal) Mum also bought me some biscuits, some in a horrible plastic wrap and some in a nice plastic box that can go in the recycling.
* Taking my flask (Mum bought me a new bottle of water to take, as well as one for her and bro and gf, ever feel like you're not being listened to!? lol *sigh* but I'll leave the one she brought for me at home and take my flask instead) so I can fill it up with tap water whereever I go!
* Taking reusable shopping bags - everyone in my family likes shopping (except me) so I'd better go prepared!
* Taking some sort of huge recycling bag to bring back all the recyclable waste we'll be creating in case we can't find/don't have time to check out the recycling facilities of Essex (I'll be collecting crisp bags, plastic, paper, card, metal, and anything else I can get my hands on!)

Can anyone think of anything else to make my trip greener??


  1. Yeah, it's all I already do whenever I go out for a trip of more than a day! I think is all enough, but don't miss all the things you use for body detergensy, avoiding disposable things, of course! ;)
    Have a good trip and a happy Easter!

  2. Thanks Danda, it's good to know i haven't missed anything out! Good thought on the toiletries front - I don't think I own anything disposable, so I won't be able to take them with me anyway!
    Happy Easter to you too! x

  3. Some people just don't 'get it' and never will. Best just do what you can and at least you'll have peace of mind.


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