Wednesday, 31 March 2010

What I bought this month

a book
some black trousers
6 packets of veggie seeds
a guinea pigs calendar for my wall
some wool
some books for my little cousins who I'm going to visit at Easter

The seeds were a treat to myself for getting some temping work (only 4 days in a shop over mothers day, but it's a very welcome something after 8 months of unemployment!! yey!). They were on special offer £1.50 for 3 packs - I got peppers, spring onions, carrots, leeks, broccoli and courgettes - I can barely wait for them to grow so I can eat them! The black trousers were also for my new temping job - £1.50 from the charity shop, they look brand new too! Score! I bought the wool cos I was dying to make a crocheted blanket - it's acrylic though, which means it's made with horrible chemicals and will never biodegrade (possibly - I'm not sure on the science of acrylic wool decomposition, but I figure it's plasticy and therefore will be around for a while) I did look at the cotton yarn, but it was waaaay to expensive, so I'm going to have to have a think about eco knitting/crochet materials!


  1. If you have some scrap material, you could cut the material into strips (& connect them by either sewing the pieces together, or maybe tie together?) & crochet with that!

  2. Sooz,
    I'm liking your new header.

    I really do hope you find some permanent work :D

    By the way, i've just hit my 555th blog post and am having a give-away that you may be interested in, so please do come by and check it out and enter it you wish.

    Warm wishes.

  3. Hi Crafty maima! I'm definately considering doing that...I made some yarn from old tshirts before, but I think that it might be a bit heavy and unsnuggly for a blanket - I'm going to use it to make bags or something from though!

    Thanks Mangocheeks :) My headers still a work in progress, but as I accidentally deleted the old one while making it, it had to go up as it is! oh well! And thankyou for the job wishes - I hope so too! It's soo rubbish at the moment, but I'm sure I'll find something soon!

    Big congrats on your 555th post! I'll definately be checking out your giveaway - thanks for thinking of me :) x


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