Wednesday, 28 April 2010

How to Make a Retro Snake Draught Excluder...

Today I have the house all to myself, so I thought I'd take advantage of the chance to throw things about all over the place and make a big mess while no one's here to complain, or in other words to get my sewing machine out!

Although my moving out plans are on hold again (sigh) I will be moving out in the next month or two, so I'm carrying on getting things ready now. Hopefully I'll have made or found or second-handed most of the things I need before I move, so I don't get caught out and have to buy something new/plasticy/horribly unethical in a moment of panic when I have moved and realised I don't have some vital item. Not that this draught excluder I made today is an essential item, but it'll stop draughts and keep my house warmer and save on heating energy and bills!

He's made from a vintage table cloth I bought when I was about 16 and which has been lurking about ever cost £1.49 (I know cos the label is still on it!) and his stuffing makes him eco friendly - it's all the small scraps of fabric and thread left over from other projects and old underwear! It's very clean old underwear - honest! And I figure this is a safe use for it, as it'll be going on the floor (I thought about using the old undies for stuffing for toys or pillows, but wasn't quite comfortable with the thought of snuggling down on a layer of old pants...I know there's nothing wrong with them and they're clean but somehow I can't get past it!). So all my old pants and bras and socks and tights that are completely beyond hope have been eaten up by Syd the snake and saved from the landfill! Hurrah!


  1. It's very nice and funny!!! You must have talent in sewing!!! And you saved old underwear... great! :D
    I have a draught excluder too - Yay! I've learnt a new English term! :D – but it's not so nice and I want to give it a new look... you inspired me! Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks Danda :) He amuses me too (he's sitting watching TV at the moment!) I suggest you give your draught excluder eyes and a name, things are definately more fun if they have those!

  3. Ah so cute :) I want one!

  4. Thanks for your visit and your comment Michal :) Lovely to see you here!

  5. Aww, he's soo cute!! :)

    I've never heard of draught excluders before either! :)
    (I just use an old carpet in a room. This DOES look cuter!)

    I reuse some parts of old underwear for cloth pads, this is a great idea too!!

  6. Thanks Layla :D I think using carpet is a good idea too - you have to use old carpet for something and it sounds like a good reuse to me!
    I like the idea of using old undies for cloth pads, thats another thing to add to my list - thanks!!


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