Friday, 30 April 2010

What I bought this month...

Some nail files for mum
2 packets of face mask
a TV guide magazine
3 books

Not bad this month I don't think - except Argh! More books! I can't be stopped, they put a table outside the charity shop, 4 books for £1, I have to walk past it and I can't help having a look! I know it's not too bad, because they're second hand and the money goes to charity, but I do want to start using the library and I am really really really going to try going once I've read these - because I agree with the borrowing -type-thinking behind libraries and I want to stop owning so many things!
Face mask - I have tried to go without this because it comes in funny metallicy sachets or squidgy plastic tubes which I can't recycle here. I did about 3 months without them and my skin was a state and was making me really sad so I'm going to use them again - does anyone know of a face mask that comes in recyclable packaging (except the Lush one which I can't afford) or a good recipe for a home made/natural face pack that maybe has some sort of mud or other something that will draw impurities out? I can only find moisturising ones online (honey, yogurt, avocado type ones) which is not what I need.


  1. Tomatoes and sugar! The sugar exfoliates and the tomatoes have antioxidants (I think). :P Apple cider vinegar is also supposed to be a good night toner. For more antioxidants you can add green tea to the other face masks or the apple cider vinegar.

  2. Ooo tomatoes you say! I'll definately give that a try, especially becuase I'm growing tomatoes this year :)
    Thanks Drea :D


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