Monday, 15 August 2011

Bit More Crochet...Lavender Mice, Strawberries and a Crochet Crochet Hook Holder...

I've been busy with my hook again (that makes me feel like a pirate!) Making this rainbow of lavender mice and an experimental lavender filled strawberry, which I think looks more like a spotty radish (I'm claiming it's a homage to Luna Lovegood)  It makes my wardrobe smell nice, anyway! 

I also made this crocheted crochet hook pot, it's from a plastic bottle with it's top cut off, then crocheted round and round and round, tis very much handier than keeping all my hooks together with a hair bobble as I used to (they kept slipping out!)

Are you making anything at the moment?


  1. Cute mice! Are they scented too?

    I'm in the middle of a sewing/embroidery project at the moment as I can't stand the feeling of yarn in the summer - but I'm itching to crochet a draught excluder snake like the one Lucy from Attic 24 made a few weeks ago. I almost want autumn to kick in so I can start that! :)

    (Dear The Weather. I'm kidding, I'm kidding, stay sunny, please!)

  2. Love those cute little mice. I am knitting an aran cardigan at the moment but usually like to have some small crochet projects on the go in case I get bored with it. Found your blog on Craftster!

  3. Hi Lousia :) Yep, the mice are lavender scented too. I love the snake from Attic 24, isn't it gorgeous, I've got my eye on making one of them too!

    Thanks for visiting Lizzy :) I'm very impressed with your knitting skills, I would never be able to knit aran stuff! (It took me 4 years to knit a scarf!)

  4. I am so envious of your crochet skills.

  5. Thanks Shaheen, if you ever come to Shropshire I'll teach you! :)


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