Friday, 26 August 2011

The Big Knit (or crochet)...

I just learned about Innocent Smoothies Big Knit campaign, you knit (or crochet in my case) a teeny cute hat to sit atop a smoothie bottle and send them to innocent, for each bottle sold with a hat they donate 25p to Age UK (a charity that helps old people).  The deadline for sending in hats is 14th October, and there are knitting patterns and more info on their website, these photos are from there, you can  see lots of inspiration on their blog.
Week 7 susan smith

Sarah jane burningham

Edward t bear

Photos from here

I'm going to do this! Is anyone else?  I'd love to see or hear about what you're making!


  1. Oh brilliant Sooz! What a cute initiative! ;-)

  2. I love them and should attempt making some.

  3. Isn't it Carolyn! I've started off making a very ambitious harry potter hat and a nice stripey one too!

    I'd love to see what you make Shaheen :)

  4. I think so too Drea!


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