Friday, 16 December 2011

Charity Shop Treasure!

I haven't done this for a while, but I wanted to share my glorious find with you...yesterday I spotted this on the rails of my favourite charity shop and it was one of those moments when you don't even take it off the hanger, just restrain yourself from skipping quickly to the till and buying it before someone else does!

I bought this quilt....

For £2.49!!!!

£2.49!!!!!  It said cot quilt on the price tag, but it would have to be for a very big cot, as it fits on the end of my double bed!

Soooo happy!!

 Have you bought anything swoonworthy from the charity shop recently?


  1. Love the quilt!

    We haven't bought anything for ages, but will be venturing out amongst the charity shops next week in search of nice bits & bobs for the kidlets...

    Kay :)

  2. Thanks Kay...I love it too...I keep spreading it out so I can look at it!

    I've done most of my xmas shopping from the charity shops, we have a £5 limit on pressies in my family so charity shops definately help that go a long way!

  3. I love your quilt, Sooz, and what a brilliant bargain too. I bought some Charlie Brown paperbacks from the 70s yesterday - hardly swoon worthy I know! I try and buy prezzies from charity shops too but haven't managed too well this year. I expect I should start earlier!

  4. Oh but vintage books are exciting too Loo!! Hope you enjoy them! :)

  5. Love the colours. Its so prety and a real bargain at that price.

    I haven't bought anything for a little while, old or new. but I do have some old hauls from charity shops that I hope to share in the future, so watch this space.

  6. Ooo thats exciting, I love seeing what other people have found!


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