Monday, 26 December 2011

Homemade Christmas...part one...crochet scarf, yoda, mice and hat...

Hellooo!  I hope you've had a merry Christmas! 

I had a lovely one, could have done without a trip to hospital with mum this morning, she's had funny noises in her ear and hasn't been able to hear properly for the past couple of days and went to the GP this morning, while I was still tucked up in bed, to get it checked out, I was awoken by a text message saying she had been referred to the hospital, she had sudden onset deafness and the GP had said she needed to rush to the hospital to 'save what hearing she had left', obviously I made her come and pick me up to go with her first, so I did superhuman speed getting up-washed-and-dressed and ate a bowl of coco pops in the car on the way.  We got to the hospital and waited for an absolute age (the only ear nose and throat Dr had had to go to A and E to treat a child) for mum to be seen, but although the Dr isn't sure what's wrong with her until they do further tests next week, he thinks it's unlikely to be permanent and has given her some tablets to try to help.  Cue big sighs of relief all round.  So yeah, apart from that it's been great!

My family were most bemused by my eco friendly, reusable, fabric wrapping methods (next year I hope I have time to decorate the fabric with some fabric-crayons we have, I ran out of time this year!)

This year we decided to have a cheap Christmas...we had to give each other something handmade, or something second hand costing £5 or less...I did handmade presents, I ran out of time to finish my mums cushion cover, it just needs sewing together, she said it was alright to stop cos I had actually made the skin split on my hand where my crochet hook was rubbing :(  I did get her all this stuff for her stocking though, from charity shops (apart from the diary and calendar, which are new things she chose) and costing a total of £5.  I made her some lavender mice so she'd have something handmade to open too.

I made my brother this crochet hat and a Christmas Yoda...he was bemused by the yoda!

And my brother's girlfriend got this Japanese Flower's inspired by the one on Attic 24,  I used the chart that's linked in that blog post and worked out the pattern from there...I'm really pleased with how this turned out and she really liked it too :)

Did you make any presents this year?  How did it go?


  1. I am sorry to read about your mother, but am glad that overall you had a good Christmas, I adore you handmade gifts, the scarf, the yoda and the mice which I adore. You are so clever.

    Other than a Christmas dinner, our day was quite - no exchanging of gifts, just each others company - next year Christmas should be warmer, here is hoping.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year Sooz c

  2. Hope your Mum is ok.

    That's exactly what we've done for years! Up to £5 second hand or home-made... We haven't taken photos of the gifts, but we've had blueberry whiskey, spiced oils, chilli pepper sauces, aniseed vodka, olive oil moisturisers, cedarwood aftershave, cookies, calendars & lavender pillows - wonderful stuff!

    Love your crocheted scarf - I'm definitely going to get going with mine next year & we all need to work harder with wrapping, that's a great idea using fabric!

    Kay :)

  3. Hey, these are awesome! I totally wish I was crafty enough to make stuff like that... I am no good at anything to do with sewing or crocheting.. but next year I'm going to try making my own jewellery to give as gifts for Christmas. Thanks for inspiring me! :)

  4. Thanks Shaheen...I'm glad you enjoyed your Christmas meal, I enjoyed spending time with my family this year too, and I'm SURE next year will bring you lots of happiness! :)

    Kay, it sounds like you had some wonderful things, the thought of which is mkaing my mouth water! I hope you enjoyed Christmas!

    Hi Chelsea, thanks for visiting my blog :D I'm sure your handmade jewellery will be lovely for presents next year..I love geting homemade stuff!

  5. haha crochet Yoda! Get well soon Sooz's mum x

  6. I don't think my bro appreciated his christmas yoda! Oh well! Thanks for the wishes for my mumma, she is feeling ok in herself, just the worry of what the tests will reveal...poor mummy! :(

  7. Love, love your scarf! I also want one... :-)

  8. I love the flower scarf - very pretty. Found your blog whilst searching for rag rug instructions - they were very helpful, thank you!

  9. Hi Su, thank you! And I'm glad my video helped you too! Are you making a rag rug?


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