Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring, Spring, Spring...

I've been sooo happy to see the sun poking his head out and giving us some lovely's properly cheered me up after all the cold wintery-ness.....the garden seems to like it too....

Even the fairies have come out now the weather's nicer!

Do you have signs of spring yet?


  1. It's a lovely feeling when our gardens come to life again, but it's cold & foggy here today!

    Have a good week Sooz - glad you like Harold & Maude too...

    Kay :)

  2. Definitely no bloomin' here in Atlantic Canada! It has been milder lately (above freezing), which makes it FEEL like Spring is in the air. Alas, it is snowing as I type. At least it's pretty.

  3. Oh dear...sorry you're both chilly! Hope you get some sunshine makes me feel soo much better when the sun is shining, I went out yesterday without a coat on!

  4. Like you I have been sooo happy to see the sunshine, does wonders for yoru mood. I love your fairies, better make sure they don't get lost in the summer.

    1. they usually get trampled on by big fat pigeons before the summer comes and have to go to fairy hospital!


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