Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer Garden...

Today was officially too hot for gardening.  But I did it anyway.  

This is my own little bit of garden that mummy gave me, right at the bottom of the garden, which I hoed and then planted all my seedlings and seeds into.  I also constructed that magnificent looking wigwam at the back to grow a couple of bean seeds and some nasturtiums up.  I have 2 sunflowers against the fence, then rows of mini sweetcorn, broad beans, rows of spinach, coriander and parsley seeds, a patch of red radishes and 2 courgette plants...

this is the new nursery for seedlings, we used to keep them on some shelves by the house, but it was too hot and they kept wilting, even with waterings twice a day, so they've come to chill out at my end of the garden...

The rest of the veggie garden...


Sunset (obviously!)

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine and remembering to take lots of ice lolly breaks!


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    1. I know! I hope none of the neighbours thought I was pointing my zoom lens at them as I leant out of my bedroom window to take that photo!


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