Sunday, 13 May 2012

Charity Shop Treasure...Darling Dresses and Cosy Cardigan...

The charity shops have been good to my this week....

I got this orange and black flowery dress for £3!  It was a size 22, too big for me, so I took it in at the top and if I tie the belt bits tightly at the back of the waist it fits perfectly!

This dress still had it's tags on....£1.50! 

And this M&S cardigan was £3 too!  Yey!

Have you had a happy-bargain recently?


  1. Great buys Sooz!

    We vowed to not buy anything this year, unless absolutely essential & so far - we've stuck to it!

    We've found the easiest way is to just not go into shops which will tempt us.

    Kay :)

    1. Well done on not buying anything so far this year! That's brilliant! I tried doing that before, and also found I bought way less when I avoided the shops (of course!) but I'm going into the charity shops frequently at the moment to look for things to make into other things to sell at craft fairs, so I keep getting tempted by pretty dresses!

  2. Fantastic finds! I would wear all of those too :)

  3. That blue dress is especially cute :)


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