Saturday, 8 September 2012

Flat Update...

Thought I'd show you what's been happening in my flat...I'm not in it yet!  

Mum's worked really hard and painted pretty much everything white (I have asthma that gets pretty severe if I'm around paint-y smells so I can't do any of that bit) and I have done cleaning and paying for things.  

This is my living room....

Bed room...

The bathroom has had the biggest change...a whole new suite...I wanted to keep the sink and bath and just get a new loo, but in between me viewing the flat and putting an offer in the person who used to own it poured paint down the plugs of both, then tried to scrape it off with a metal scraper and took all the enamel I gave in and bought everything new.  I also had a shower fitted...yey!

Although it looks quite nice in the photos, the man I had to do the bathroom did a shocking job with the tiling (wonky, tiles cut with a saw and all ragged, gaps in the grouting, finished with the wrong size beading and finished the corners off with plastic tape), so it needs ripping off and doing again...I've also had to have all the plumbing re-done because he'd made an arse of that as will take several pay-days to save up for that one I think!  Not best pleased.

I have a shiny new boiler...I was hoping the old one would last, but it was kaput, this one is very nice and makes hot water very quickly (we seem to wait an age for the water to get hot here at home!)...It also free's up a huge space where the old copper tank was (the old central heating system was put in in 1984, so it was as old as me!) so I get some extra storage!

Kitchen...I've begun stripping the wood-chip off the walls and me and mum carried all 10 of my new kitchen units up the stairs, just waiting for my kitchen man to come and put it together for me now and then mum can paint it pink!

While doing the stripping I discovered several layers of old wallpaper...looks like it had also been painted green and bright orange at some point too...I love the two vintage blue floral wallpapers I uncovered, I wish the kitchen still had either of them up.

After getting a locksmith to undo my balcony door, I discovered I have views!  To one side I can see the Wrekin (a big hill we have here!) and the other is a church and a big tree...pretty lucky huh?

So now it's just kitchen, carpets, sofa, cleaning, getting that bathroom sorted and packing then I can move! Yipeeee!


  1. Sorry that you had a bad experience with the bathroom, it will be worth it in the end.It is looking much brighter and fresher already,lucky you having a mum who is good at painting :)

    1. I am soo lucky my Mum is doing the painting...I would die if I had to do it, but I wish I could, I'd like to do it by myself really!

  2. What a shame the bathroom man made a mess - hope you docked his pay!

    Your pink kitchen sounds intriguing... Look forward to seeing it!

    Hope everything else goes smoothly.

    Kay :)

    1. Thanks Kay, I'm hoping for smoothness from now on (I could have done without my Electrician texting me the other day asking for £50 towards the cost of a new battery for his drill, which apparently died while he was working on my flat...the cheek of it, I told him to tickle off!)


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