Friday, 14 September 2012

National Zero Waste Week 2012...What I did....

What I did for this years Zero Waste Week was, actually, not very much.  The theme this year was 'one more thing' and I was going to find out where to recycle tetra packs and about the recycling in my new flat.  

 Of course, I haven't moved into my flat yet, but I have done a little bit of detective work (by detective work I mean looking outside my flat and finding this huge wall of recycling bins!)  Yey!  They're for cardboard, plastic  paper and glass.  And they're literally 2 minutes away from my door.  That's that one solved then.

As for tetra packs, I'm still to investigate where to recycle them in my area in person, but I have used this great tetra-pack-recycling-place-finder, recommended by Mrs Green herself, and found 5 recycling banks in my borough and 1 within walking distance of where I live.  To be investigated further when I move and am responsible for my own shopping and recycling!

Did you do 'one more thing' for Zero Waste Week?  How did it go?

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