Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Summer (ish) Garden Update...

Our garden seems to finally be making us some veg...just in time for it to go cold and frosty and the season to be over! Oh well!  It feels properly autumnal now...brr!

Here's our pumpkin, starting to turn orange!

I finally have a courgette and woe betide any small sluglike creature who dares to take a bite out of it!

My mini sweetcorn has grown pink hair!  I couldn't be prouder of it!  Last years sweetcorn hairs were white...don't know what's going on because I used the same packet of seeds, but I much prefer this cheerful pink version!

I thought this was a bell pepper, but it seems to want to be a chilli instead, think I got the seeds mixed up!

My first broad bean harvest, they're from my biggest healthiest plant, so I'm keeping the bigger beans to dry for planting next year.  The small ones will go in the freezer until I have a few more, then I'll make burgers or falafel from them (I'm not too keen on the beans on their own).

We've still got lots of butterflies fluttering about too!

How are your gardens doing?

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