Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things I Loved This Month, August 2014.

This month I've loved, 

* Chocolate brownies * My nieces first birthday, she is getting so big and clever, she can say 'Susie' now, but has only done it once in front of me! * overtime at work * booking tickets to go to Legoland next month * takeaway curry * watching Primeval, Doctor Who, Great British Bake Off, Melissa and Joey * tidying my little house * taking part in Make do and Mend hour on Twitter - fun! * bargain dresses * baths with lush bath bombs * crochet skulls * my boyfriend getting a new job * seeing Guardians of the Galaxy at the new big Imax cinema by me, I love Groot * new house plants * my heating breaking but only costing £45 to fix * sleep * gardening * my mum helping me put a new shower curtain up, after the old one fell down and hit me on the head repeatedly about 10 months ago! * my mum buying me a tiny pink eraser in the shape of a hamster * coming home to a bunch of flowers and my tea being made for me (vegan wellington, roast potatoes and peas), the croissants the next morning, I have a very nice boyfriend! * having a good appraisal thingy at work * making vegan cheese and onion crisps * meeting up with my Rainbow Guides ladies * finding a conker * seeing The Wind Rises at the cinema * really good homemade flatbreads! * Bank holiday * spicy bean burgers and chips at the pub * payday * books I requested coming in at work * seeing Wicked at the theatre, it was amazing, amazing, amazing!  I have listened to the soundtrack about 30 times since seeing it last Thursday! (which I'm sure my neighbours love!) * 

What have you loved this month? 

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