Monday, 1 September 2014

Zero Waste Week.

This week is Zero Waste Week, the theme this year is 'one more thing'.  Is there one more thing you could do to reduce your household waste?

Zero Waste Week 2014

My pledge is to recycle stretchy, plastic bag type packaging in the plastic bag recycling receptacles you can find in the supermarket.  Although I knew you could do this, it always slips my mind, so I'm making a real concious effort to collect it all up in it's own designated bag and take it with me once a month to the supermarket.  I started my challenge a little early and have been collecting baggy plastic for a while.  At the end of the week I will show you a months worth of recyclable plastic bag type plastic, saved from landfill.

Zero Waste Week 2014

Are you taking part in Zero Waste Week this year?  You can find inspiration for ways to reduce your waste or go zero waste on the Zero Waste Week twitter, facebook, pinterest and website.


  1. Yes I am signed up to Zero Waste Week I think that it is a great thing - we could all do one more thing to reduce waste couldn't we - one of my pledges is to buy my fruit and veg loose, I am hoping to keep this up but fruit and veg bought from the veg shop is a lot more expensive than from Aldi so it will be funds permitting.

    1. I'm glad you hear you're signed up too. I try to buy my fruit and veg loose if I can, I live in a market town so I have a couple of stalls to choose from to get good prices which is really lucky. I do buy from supermarkets too, but if the veg is wrapped in stretchy, film type plastic at least you can recycle that at carrier bag recycle points.


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