Sunday, 30 November 2014

Things I Loved this Month, November 2014.

This month I loved...

* Binge watching Torchwood * doing lots of grown up house buying things (buy my flat, anyone?) * Wetherspoons currys * my boy walking all the way to Matalan (about a mile and a half each way) to buy me an owl biscuit barrel, filling it with vegan biscuits and leaving it for me to find in my kitchen <3 * naps on the sofa * watching Doctor Who, Made in Chelsea, Melissa and Joey * Cuddles with both my nieces, the littlest baby is so cute and calm and sleepy and the biggest baby is so cute and runs everywhere!  She has started saying 'oh peeee-eeeeeeese' in an irresistible manner whenever she wants something! * family dinner * pizza night * having a major declutter, I've sent at least 10 carrier bags of stuff to the charity shops and sold some bits on Ebay too * having a lie in * seeing 'The Book of Life' at the cinema, soo pretty * nice work chums * chocolate reindeers * jammy dodgers * proper, wintery cold weather * Birmingham German Market * pigs in blankets crisps * geese flying by in formation * 

Hope you've had a lovely month too! 

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