Monday, 1 December 2014

Snowman Swap Yarnbomb.

This year I took part in a snowman swap! 

crochet snowman yarnbomb #snowmanswap

We each had to crochet or knit a snowman, were paired up with a partner from around the world, then posted our snowmen to each other.  We then yarnbombed our swapped snowmen somewhere around our towns on the 1st of December.

crochet snowman yarnbomb #snowmanswap

As well as being fun, the snowmen are all wearing a red ribbon for World Aids Day.

crochet snowman yarnbomb #snowmanswap

I made my snowman from 2 strands of yarn held together, and crocheted with a 4mm hook.  I made him freehand, and stuffed him with some old plastic packaging to give him shape. 

This is the snowman I received, from Vanessa in Essex.  I think he is very spiffing.    

crochet snowman yarnbomb #snowmanswap

I put my snowman in Wellington Peace Garden, a community garden outside the library where I work.  The little white sign I put him in front of says 'May all beings everywhere be happy, peaceful and free', which I think is lovely.  I did take a cable tie with me to attach my snowman to the wooden sign, but the ground was all muddy so I chickened out!

crochet snowman yarnbomb #snowmanswap

You can check out all the other swapped snowmen on The Craft Club's Facebook page.


  1. What a fabulous idea - those snowmen are so sweet. I am sure that they will brighten the day of anyone who sees them

    1. I hope so, it was fun to take part, some of the other yarn bombs were so cool, they did some on top of post boxes that were really cute!


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