Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What do Vegans Eat? January 2015.

People always ask me 'What do you eat?', so here are a few of the vegan meals I've eaten this month.

Vegan meal idea, hashbrowns and mushrooms.

Hash brown and mushroom brunch.  After extensive market testing my boy and I have decided Morrisons own brand hash browns are the best.  The mushrooms were pan fried with a little paprika.

Vegan meal idea, vegetable fajhitas.

Vegan fajitas.  There's soo many veggies in these, a whole red onion, a whole yellow bell pepper, 3 big mushrooms, 3 spring onions and some garlic.  I made the flatbreads too, they've got black pepper, turmeric and poppy seeds in.  The fajhita spice mix is my boyfriend's secret recipe.

Vegan meal idea, vegan croissants.

Vegan croissants.  I've talked about these before, and really it is necessary to eat 3 in one go, as there are six in a packet and they need to be shared with the boyfriend and eaten fresh from the oven.  Yum.

Vegan meal idea, vegan chocolate fudge hedgehog cake.

My mum makes me a vegan chocolate fudge hedgehog cake every year for Christmas.  It's my favourite cake ever.

Vegan meal idea, vegan pancakes.

Vegan pancakes.  You can see my recipe and tips for vegan, soya free, pancakes here

Vegan meal idea, vegan broccoli pasta.

Broccoli pasta.  This is one of my favourite meals ever, but I don't exactly know how to make it,  it's one of my boy's creations.  It seems you toast pine nuts, fry broccoli and garlic, add salt, pepper and chilli, then mix with cooked pasta, vegan margarine and nutritional yeast powder. 

Vegan meal idea, vegan spinach and brown rice.

Sometimes I feel the need to eat a very vegan looking, healthy meal to make sure I'm getting all the nutrients I need, I don't usually photograph them, because I think they're quite boring.  Here we have brown rice, with spinach, onion and garlic, with a side of almonds.

What vegan food have you eaten recently?

You can see more of my vegan meal ideas here.


  1. All your food looks yummy - well done on making your own flatbreads, my first attempt at them they turned out like an old flip flop!! I have had a few vegan days lately for veganuary but boy some vegan foodstuff is a bit expensive I am thinking about the nut milks etc. Wasn't brave enough to try the vegan cheese either :(

    1. The vegan cheese I like is sooo expensive, £3 for 10 slices!! But it's worth it for a treat. I try to think that if I was eating meat regularly that would be expensive, so I can spend an equivalent amount on some vegan substitutes if I really want them.

  2. Oh my gosh your food looks gorgeous!!!
    I'm inviting myself over for lunch :)
    Tammy xx

  3. So far this week we've had marinated soy, ginger & chili tofu stir fry with pak choi, mange tout and udon noodles; aubergine & chickpea curry with vegan naan breads & samosas; Turkish aubergine stew with hummus, pitta bread and Fry's 'chicken' strips cooked with spices; and tonight it's vegan enchiladas with homemade guacamole. We laugh in the face of people who wonder when vegans ever eat a 'decent meal'!

  4. I like so much these kind of posts, about regular vegan meals, I think they are so useful! I keep telling myself that I should also take photos and write down the ingredients for our meals, but I never have the patience (too hungry :), too busy, too dark, etc).

    1. I wish my food photos were better, it's always too dark here too and I'm always too hungry! It inspires me to make more interesting meals if there's a chance I'll be photographing them though!

  5. omg that vegan hedgehog cake looks solo yummy plus he's adorable. That's super thoughtful of your mum

    1. My mum makes me a vegan chocolate hedgehog cake for my birthday and christmas every year, I'm so lucky cos they're yummy!


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