Monday 22 June 2015

Photo an Hour, June 2015.

I'm back!  We have internet and I even remembered to take part in photo an hour on Saturday (20th June).

8am - Still in bed in my new, temporary bedroom (we'll move into the back bedroom when the walls have been stripped and carpet's down!).  I bought the curtains from a charity shop yeears ago 'cos I loved the fabric, and they magically fit this window exactly!)

9am - On the bus to work.

10am - I cannot quite remember where the ears on our work clock came from, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

11am - Still at work!

12pm - Still at work!  I actually had quite a fun day, I had long conversations about Doctor Who with 2 different little boys and one Dad, and lots of my regular Saturday morning customers are cute little kids.

1pm - It rained A LOT while I was in work, but it had stopped by home time. 

2pm - I stocked up on the essentials at Aldi.

3pm - I sat on the sofa to watch Dinner Date, and then promptly fell asleep for 3 hours!  Whoopsy!

6pm - I try to do something creative every day, today I did drawing.  I want to be better at drawing people and clothes so I doodled some of the outfits I'd worn during the week.

7pm - It's scented candles a-go-go here, it smells a lot better in here now but I somehow can't get rid of the scent-memory of this house when we first got it (dogs, cats, smoke, unclean-ness), I feel the need to burn a lot of scented candles!

8pm - Just checking on my seedlings.

9pm - I tided the boxes all into one corner in the living room (we're not unpacking till we have carpets down, I'm trying not to let living surrounded by boxes get me down too much)

10pm - Watching The Mindy Project.

11pm - Time to clean my teeth and go to bed.

Did you take part this month?

Photo an hour is organised by Louisa and Jane.


  1. I love your purple drawer and picture of you and your boyfriend on top. Also I can really understand buying those curtains because they look great. I hope your house comes together neatly soon so you can enjoy living there:)

  2. Love the clock with ears!
    I moved in May and there are still a few boxes waiting to be unpacked, mostly because we don't have a wardrobe yet. It's so annoying!
    ~ Bevchen

    1. We call the clock Ludo (cos we're cool like that!), We're going to be in boxes for at least another month I think, so annoying, I agree! But happy new home to you :)

  3. Those curtains are ace, what a lucky find! I like the idea of drawing outfits - clothes are about the one thing I can draw semi-decently, so I might give that a go.

    1. I nearly sent those curtains to the charity shop when I was clearing out my flat ready to move, so glad I didn't! :)

  4. To echo everyone else, the curtains are gorgeous! Also, I love your library - I mean, I love all libraries, but it looks like a lovely building, and a great place to work!

    Jane x

    1. The library is a nice building (shame they didn't make any of those windows open-able though! It's nice and light at least!) I like working there :)


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