Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Things I Loved, June 2015.

This month I loved, 

* Moving into our new home, the sale of my flat going through and getting pennies! * * Douwe Egberts coffee jars * my friend from Brazil visiting * eating paprika pringles, sweeties and croissants * finishing digging the weeds out of the garden and planting lots of things * watching lots of films - Rise of the Guardians, Serenity, Pitch Perfect 2, Take That (a live screening at the cinema) and Calamity Jane * Playing our first game of peekaboo with my littlest niece, and being amused by my biggest niece 'no likeee'-ing anything! * being given lovely, lovely housewarming presents * charity shopping * buying a dishwasher (it's not plumbed in yet, but I'm looking forward to no more washing up in the future!) * we've at fun at my Rainbow Guide unit this month, making mud pies and sock bats! (my bat was called Bernard) * watching My Mad Fat Diary and Arrow series 2 *

Hope you've had a good month too! 


  1. Sounds like a fab month! I will have to grow my Douwe Egberts jar collection. :) That wallpaper will look great in your new place. :)

    1. We're thinking the bedroom for the retro wallpaper, I only have 3 rolls and can't get any more so we need to find a small enough wall!


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