Thursday, 9 July 2015

Library Love, The Plain Janes, My Faith in Frankie, Plants from Pips, Ally's World.

The Plain Janes, My Faith in Frankie Review

This month I've been reading, 

The Plain Janes - Cecil Castellucci and Jim Rugg
The drawings in this graphic novel are so good, and I loved the storyline about a group of girls (all called Jane) trying to change the world with art installations in their neighbourhood. 

My Faith in Frankie - Mike Carey, Sonny Liew and Marc Hemple
This graphic novel is about Frankie and her own personal God, who gets jealous when she starts dating.  The ending was a big surprise to me, in a good way!
Plants from Pips, Ally's World Review

RHS Plants from Pips - Holly Farrell
I liked this cute little book about growing unusual plants from fruit pips.  I want to grow a lemon tree and an avocado!

Karen McCombie - Ally's World Series
I've been binge reading the Ally's World series during my house move.  They're from the teen fiction section, and although they were published when I was a teenager I didn't read them at the time.  I think I needed to read something really light and easy that had no mention of making weighty decisions about carpets or where to move the boiler to!  I liked the stories about Ally's quirky family, especially her big sister Rowan who wears crazy outfits and makes shrines to Johnny Depp in her bedroom, even though they're not aimed at my age group!

What have you been reading?


  1. I've just popped The Plain Janes onto my library reservation list, thanks for the tip!

  2. Ah cool, a fellow graphic novel reader! , I have the Plain Janes and the follow-up Janes in Love. I have a big graphic novel collection but nowadays only buy a few of my faves (secondhand where possible). Norwich Millenium library has a really good graphic novel section which is rather handy.
    I've just read 'I kill Giants' by joe Kelly and jm Ken nimura. I found the artwork a bit hard to work out what was happening sometimes but overall really enjoyed it. Read it through a second time too!

    1. I work for my local library service, so I try to get our acquisitions dept. to buy in any cool new graphic novels (especially ones that aren't superhero ones or manga), I'm currently waiting for Nimona and Bee and Puppycat vol.1. I never find graphic novels 2nd hand, you're lucky!

    2. That's handy Susie! Robot Dreams by Sara varon is really good too but I think out of print. I like sort-of super-Herosy ones but not manga particularly. Have been working my way through BPRD / Hellboy the last couple of years, have to keep checking back at the lib for ones I haven't read, they're v popular!

    3. I haven't heard of either of those before, I'll have to check them out :)


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