Saturday, 18 July 2015

What do Vegans Eat? Vegan Meal Ideas, July 2015.

People always ask me 'What do you eat?', so here are a few of the vegan meals I've eaten this month.  

It's not very healthy this month, as we're in the middle of kitchen renovations!

Asda vegan chocolate orange buttons What do Vegans Eat?  Vegan Meal Ideas

 Asda Free From Choc Orange Buttons.  I'm addicted to these vegan orange chocolate buttons, the only problem is that there aren't enough buttons in the bag!

Waffles, vegan sausage and mushrooms. What do Vegans Eat?  Vegan Meal Ideas

Waffles, sausage and mushrooms.  Did you know you can cook potato waffles from frozen in the toaster?  My friend at work gave me this piece of advice and it's been very helpful in the house with no oven!  Toast once to defrost and a second time to crisp up.

mini party rings What do Vegans Eat?  Vegan Meal Ideas

Mini Party Rings.  Party Rings are suitable for vegans now, and the mini ones are the best because you can fit a whole one in your mouth!

Mujadara Lebanese lentils and rice  What do Vegans Eat?  Vegan Meal Ideas

Mujadara.  I used a mixture of a food network recipe (for the quantities) and a Yotam Ottalenghi recipe (for the spicing) and a bit of doing my own thing, to make my version of Mujadara.  I've never made this Lebonese rice, lentil and onion dish before but it's super yummy.

Naan Bread  What do Vegans Eat?  Vegan Meal Ideas

Naan Bread.  These 'Pana' naan breads are 49p for a pack of 2 from Home Bargains, and they're the only pre-packaged naans I've seen that are suitable for vegans.  I like mine toasted.

Vegan Veggie Balls Ikea

Ikea Veggie Balls.  'Scuse the terrible photo, my phone doesn't take good pictures, but I had to tell you about the vegan meatballs I ate at Ikea.  They're made with lots of veggies, and taste herby and delicious. The small veggie ball meal includes 10 veggie balls, tomato sauce, rice and broccoli, although I skipped the sauce and had chips instead of rice. Mum had the rice and sauce and it looked really nice (I just cannot deal with sauce on my food!). And it only costs £3.50.  So nice to have a vegan option available. 

Have you eaten anything deliciously vegan recently?


  1. No kidding Susie, this is a not so eating healthy month, but we have to be naughty sometimes. I will have to look out for those orange choc chips, I sometiems make vegan choc cookies, so these would be a nice change. I went to Ikea a month back, but as it was a tad early and i wasn't overly hungry i just opted for the veg hot dog, but next time I will surely try out the vegan veggie meatballs, esp as you have given it the thumbs up and yes, I too will have it with chips!

    1. The orange choc buttons are lovely, only 35p a pack too which isn't bad for vegan chocolate! I always want a hotdog at Ikea, but they're quorn so not vegan :( so sad!

      Back to healthy eating next month I hope, it's hard with no proper kitchen though!

  2. I love reading about vegan items! That is a GREAT tip about the waffles!!!! We often eat vegan meals- most often involving pasta or rice and oodles of veg! I can totally recommend this recipe
    as we love it and cooked it for a dinner party and the self-confessed meatoids went home and cooked it 3 times in 3 weeks, that's how good it is!!!x

    1. That does sound good, thanks for the recipe, we like dal :)

  3. I was very happy when someone pointed me in the direction of those naan, so good when I can't be bothered to make my own (which is most of the time).

    1. I can never be bothered to make my own either, these ones are so yummy and cheap! :)


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