Wednesday, 12 August 2015


My garden has been very busy with bees!  

Bee on buddleia.

Bee on buddleia.

Bee on flowers.

Bee on flowers.

The buddleia and shrub with tiny pink flowers (anyone know what that is?) were already in my garden when I moved here, I found them under some weeds!

Do you have little fuzzy buzzy friends in your garden?


  1. We do need bees... Have you considered keeping bees? I have another friend that just started, he took a class on bee keeping first... You'd be so good at bee keeping... and all that honey!!!
    These are great photos, what camera do you use?
    Have a great weekend!
    Tammy x

    1. I'm not sure on keeping bees, noone in my household eats honey, and I'd be a bit scared of being stung! I've asked for some 'bee hotels' for my birthday to provide homes for solitary bees though, and I think those kinds are better pollinators than honey bees!

      My camera is an Olympus SZ-14, it's just a point and shoot one but it takes ok photos :)


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