Sunday, 9 August 2015

Make One Small Change - Collect Compost at Work.

Adopting eco friendly habits, for me, is easier taken one small step at a time.  Lots of small changes add up to a big difference.

Now I have a new garden and a new compost bin I thought I should start collecting compostable waste from work.   

Compost caddy made from empty plastic box.  Composting at work.

My compost collection box is an empty washing tablets box (from my colleagues house), I stuck some instructions on it, and left it in our kitchen.

My colleagues kindly filled it with all sorts of compostable waste, especially tea-bags and some fruit peel.  Lovely for my compost bin, and saved from going to landfill. 

Composting at work.

Do you compost at work?  


  1. Susie!
    I can't even begin to tell you how awesome you are!! I am so totally going to do this! I am currently looking for a place with a back yard, and plan number one... Have a Compost heap! So I am totally going to be doing this! Great idea!
    Tammy x

    1. I took my compost bin home with me, because I had a week off work, I went back yesterday and the first thing my colleague said to me was 'Where was it?', she'd been looking for the compost collector all week to put her tea bags in!

      Hope you fin your new home, with room for a compost heap soon! :) x

  2. Hey well done. I used to collect compost from my office until earlier this year. They've now been refurbishing the building and actually properly collecting all the compost from each floor which is great, so I don't need to do it anymore. It's surprising how much builds up from just teabags and fruit peel etc (I did sometimes find rogue items like the foil tops from milk cartons though!), so well done for stopping all that going into landfill. And you get some extra compost too...bonus!

    1. I'd love it if my work collected compost, that sounds so cool! I need the extra compost-ables to be honest, my new compost bin is huge! :)

  3. BRILLIANT idea! I am going to do this! I just need one of those boxes! We don't recycle ANYTHING in our staffroom and I hate it! If it wasn't for the 2 trains and miles walk I have to do on the way home, I'd take tins and milk bottles home!x

    1. Oh no, I've worked places where there's no recycling and it always bugs me! I'm lucky to live a 10 minute walk from work (although we're in a new council building, so we have recycling bins for everything and solar panels on the roof too!), I asked my colleagues if they had a small box I could use to collect compostables and this was produced for me, lovely colleagues!


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