Thursday, 27 August 2015

Things I Loved, Summer 2015.

This summer I've loved,

Watching - Series 1 of Merlin, Humans, Melissa and Joey (did anyone else freak out over the Halloween special?), Orange is the New Black, Pitch Perfect 2, Arrow season 2, My Mad Fat Diary, Big Hero Six, Anzac Girls (I sniffled my way through it!), Humans, The Clangers.

Reading - Nimona (best. graphic. novel. everrrr.),Grow for Flavour by James Wong, Edible Estates by Fritz Haeg, Peace and Parsnips by Lee Watson.

Listening to - Radio 2, all my CDs are still in boxes!

Moving - the sale of my flat went through this summer, and I moved into our lovely new home with my Joe.   

Home renovation-ing - pretty much all the heavy duty gas, electric and plumbing work has been done, we're onto the cosmetic stuff now, and I'm hoping for carpets really soon!

Buying - Dowe Egberts Orla Kiely coffee jars, so so many plants for my new garden (mostly from the 'dead plants' section in Wilkinsons!), so so many boring house things, some exciting house things too though!  And lots of pretty dresses from the charity shop.

Guiding (I'm a leader at a Rainbow guide pack, the girls are aged 5-7) - we made sock bats, mine was called Bernard, made mud pies and had a lovely walk round a local woodland.  We're currently planning activities for our Unicorn badge (totally my idea)!

Auntie-ing - My biggest niece turned 2, she's so lovely and clever and she remembers anything anyone ever tells her!  She's also very bossy, I was pushing her on the swings and was told in no uncertain terms that I was pushing her with the wrong hand!  My littlest niece started crawling!  And she has teeth! So proud!

Socialising - Ice lollies in Mums garden, lovely meal by the river with Joe's family,  trying a new Japanese restaurant for a friends birthday, going to see Take That's concert screened at the cinema with Mum, my sis in law and her mum, trip to the seasonal fair in Digbeth to meet one of Joe's uni friends, IKEA shopping trips with Mum.

Hope you've had a lovely summer too!?

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  1. I really love this post Susie, do you mind if I borrow the idea of loved things for the summer?
    Also I think it's so great that you run a young group... Though I don't know what a sock bat is!! I do like it's name!
    I can't believe that summer is coming to a close, my summer went just too fast, there are days I do wish I could slow down time! However, it's still like 40 degrees every day here in Texas and with the winter we get cooler weather which I can't wait for!!!
    I hope you have a great weekend and congratulations again on your new home! That's so exciting!
    Much love,

    1. Hey Tammy, Hope you have a great weekend too :) Of course I don't mind if you borrow this idea, it's definitely not mine originally!

      A sock bat is like a sock monkey, only with a black sock and some cardboard wings attached! The girls really had fun, my little group made disco bats with lots of glitter!

      40 degrees is waaaay too hot for me! I hope you get some cooler weather soon! xx

  2. You know how much I love these posts of yours and always hope to get round to do one for my own blog, I will get round to it one day. I watched humans, but was disappointed with the end, I want a that Marmite jar in my kitchen, I've been treated by D to my own copy of Lee Watson Peace and Parsnips, so snap. Hope to cook from it soon.
    And once again, congrats on moving home and sale of your flat. Look forward to seeing the changes. We've been in our home now, just over a year and a quarter.

    1. Aww thanks Shaheen, we're hoping the house will start looking better soon. To be honest, I'll be happiest when the last bit of plumbing is sorted and the washing machine gets plumbed in! :D

      I was disappointed with the end of Humans too, I think they're making a second series, so perhaps they couldn't do a better ending without spoiling planned storylines for the next series? It was a bit rubbish though!

  3. This summer is too hot for my poor flowes!

  4. What a nice idea to do a whole round-up at the end of the season (I usually save mine for the end of the year). Might borrow this concept if that's alright! And the coffee jars made me laugh - despite neither Thomas nor I drinking coffee, I bought two of them because I couldn't resist the patterns!

    1. Of course, I used to do monthly round ups, but it's all got too much, seasonally seems a better balance :)

      I don't drink coffee, and I've ended up with 6 Orla K. jars! Poor boyfriend has a lot of coffee (of a brand he doesn't really like) to get through!


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