Friday, 30 October 2015

My garden harvest, October 2015.

I've picked some exciting veggies from my garden this month!

FINALLY some tomatoes!  And my favourite mini-pop sweetcorn.  Home grown spring onions are the best, sooo much nicer than shop bought ones!

Mini-pop sweetcorn, spring onion, tomatoes.  My Garden Harvest, October 2015. #ukgarden #uklogger #growyourown

The spinach beet and rainbow chard are still growing well.

Rainbow Chard and spinach beet leaves.  My Garden Harvest, October 2015. #ukgarden #uklogger #growyourown

And even more tomatoes!

Tomatoes and Mini-pops mini sweetcorn.  My Garden Harvest, October 2015. #ukgarden #uklogger #growyourown

How's your harvest this month?

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  1. Thanks for joining us on Harvest Mondays! Those tomatoes sure look good, because they're done for the season in our garden.

    1. Thank you, those are my first and last tomatoes of the year! Hopefully will do better next time!

  2. My tomatoes refuse to turn red now. I picked some green ones and left them on the window sill with red ones to ripen but they just went rotten. Well done on yours!!!


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