Monday, 6 June 2016

10 reasons to stay in the EU.

So, the big EU vote is coming up soon and tomorrow is actually the last day you can register to vote in the EU referendum.   

10 reasons to stay in the EU. #strongerin #EU
If you need to register to vote, it takes 5 minutes on the website.

I don't usually talk politics, but the image below pretty much sums up why I'm going to (a little bit) now,

10 reasons to stay in the EU. #strongerin #EU

Here are some helpful articles to read if you need help deciding,

Stephen Hawking thinks leaving the EU would be a 'disaster'.

The Green Party say we're fairer, safer and greener in Europe.

Friends of the Earth have pointed out what the EU has done for nature.

And then the RSPB and WWF agreed with them!

Friends of the Earth can also tell you 7 things the EU has done for our environment, including helping our beaches stay clean and our bees buzzing.

250 creative, arty people signed an open letter to the Guardian asking us to stay in Europe for the sake of our cultureSignatories include Benedict Cumberbatch and Helena Bonam Carter.  

British charities would lose £200million in funding if we left the EU, according to Third Sector.

38 Degrees have fact checked the 'in' and 'out' leaflets, to give you a fair, acurate view.

And just to be fair, even though I really, really, really do think we'd be better off in the EU, because I like being able to travel to Europe without a visa, and I definitely like that there's a whole load of MEPs to keep an eye on our government, and stop them doing anything too heinous to our environment, workers rights and other important stuff, and because I'm honestly scared of what the Tories will do to us out of the EU, here's the BBC's guide to the EU referendum, and the arguments for Brexit and Bremain.  (you didn't think I'd write a whole blog post on the EU referendum and not use the terms 'Brexit' and 'Bremain' did you?  It will be the first and last time I ever use them, promise!)

If you need to register to vote, it takes 5 minutes on the website.  Don't forget to vote on June 23rd!
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  1. I am with you Susie - for all of the above reasons :)

    I definitely do not want to be left alone on a small island with the Tories :( :(

  2. Thanks Susie for your honestly, I am with you on this.

  3. I completely agree too!!! And I got registered so hopefully my polling card will arrive sooN!

    1. Glad to hear it! I re-registered, as my polling card came in my pre-married name, and apparently I won't get a new polling card, I just have to use the old one :(


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