Saturday, 18 June 2016

Graze box - for vegans!

Graze box, for vegans. #graze #grazebox #vegan #vegangraze

I've subscribed to Graze box, to get yummy, healthy, vegan snacks posted through my letter box every month!

When you subscribe you say your food preferences (no bananas, olives or pinapple, thank you!) and diet (Graze has 54 vegan options).  Once you've started getting boxes you rate the snacks, from 'bin to 'try', 'like' and 'love'.  If you really love something you can ask the people at Graze to 'send soon' too! 

This is what I got in my first box,

Sesame garlic crunch - I didn't like this one, the sesame sticks are too wholewheat-y and hard, and not garlicky enough.  I quite liked the multigrain soy crackers though.  Bin.

Honeycomb flapjack -  This vegan friendly flapjack is soo good.  It comes in three little pieces, so I had a flapjack-y treat in my lunchbox three times one week!  It's buttery and sweet and the only reason it's not a 'love' is because I can make my own flapjack for a lot cheaper!  Like.

Belgian speculoos - Oh noo, I didn't like this at all!  The cinnamon pretzel sticks are quite salty, and the speculoos cookie dip is too thick and gakky.  Bin.

Hickory smoked BBQ - I actually didn't think I liked this when I first opened it, but I kept coming back to it and when the packet was empty I wanted more!  The peas are sweet with a crispy, yummy coating which go perfectly with the creamy cashews and crunchy, salty corn.  It feels quite protein-y and good for you too, I'm trying to eat healthily!  Love.

Do you get Graze boxes?  What are your favourites?

Subscribe to Graze with my code to get your 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free - it's SUSIEE65P

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