Monday, 15 August 2016

Ethical OOTD.

OOTD is fashion blog talk for 'outfit of the day' in case you weren't sure!  

Ethical OOTD. #OOTD #ethical #fairtrade #outfitoftheday

I picked up this lovely new dress in the Nomads sale.  It's lovely and soft and cool, perfect for swishing about in on hot days.  It's Fair trade too!  The dress is sold as a midi, but I'm 5 foot 1, so it's a maxi on me! 

It's still available on the Nomads website if you want to grab one for yourself, in this turquoise colour, and there's a terracotta version too.

Ethical OOTD. #OOTD #ethical #fairtrade #outfitoftheday

Ethical OOTD. #OOTD #ethical #fairtrade #outfitoftheday

Dress £24, Nomads.  Shoes 2nd hand Birkenstocks.



  1. love it, it looks very light and airy

  2. I own two nomad dresses that i love,they were both in sales.:) Happily for me a lovely dress shop in Clitheroe called Boho Chic sells them.:)

    1. Oh lovely, I'm yet to find any shops near me that sell nice fairtrade clothes, lucky I have the internet! I have lots of nomads tops, but this is the first dress (probably not the last!)

  3. Nomads are really nice!!!


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