Friday, 21 July 2017

Photo an hour, July 2017.

Saturday the 15th was July's photo an hour day, here are my photos.

Photo an hour in organised by Jane and Louisa, anyone can join in and post their hourly photos on social media throughout the day tagging them #photoanhour.  Why don't you join in next time?
11am - Joe worked a late shift the night before, and neither of us slept brilliantly, so we had a lie in.  I checked my seedlings as soon as I got up - I'm waiting for things to grow! 
12pm - After 2 years of looking for a second hand armchair that doesn't smell funny and that we can get delivered (because we don't have a car) we've given up and bought a new one online.  Hope it's comfy!  We're having a real crackdown on getting the house nice, we're sick of living in a mess of unfinished projects.

1pm - I feel like my photo an hour days are always so boring, I tend to use the weekends to chill out and get life and house stuff done, sorry!  Having said that I deep cleaned the bathroom and washing machined the shower curtain and bath mat.

2pm - Quick sweetie break.

3pm - Still on the theme of boring Saturday, we bought a new hoover and it's loovley!

4pm - Watching Parks and Recreation before Joe goes off to work again.  We've watched an unhealthy amount of this over the last couple of weeks!

5pm -  Just checking out my huge courgette.

6pm - And my little oak tree has pretty new leaves.

7pm - Perfect tea, vegan fish finger and chip sandwich.

8pm - 400+ page book about permaculture and vegan chocolate ice cream = a rock and roll Saturday night.

9pm - A bit of Lego before bed, can you tell what it is yet? 

Did you take part this time?  How was your day?

This time last year I was also mooching about the house and binge watching TV, and in 2015 I was gardening and charity shopping.


  1. We did the same when looking for new chairs. I feel like once you've waited and searched for a year or so, it's totally ok to buy new!

    1. I keep trying to tell myself that! I would have liked to buy loads more second hand stuff for the house but we just can't find it, or get transport to pick it up, I have a bit of guilt but I'm happy we'll finally have a chair!


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