Sunday, 24 September 2017

Photo an hour, September 2017.

Saturday the 26th was August's photo an hour day, here are my photos.
Photo an hour in organised by Jane and Louisa, anyone can join in and post their hourly photos on social media throughout the day tagging them #photoanhour.  Why don't you join in next time?
8am - Tidying away my autumnal potato prints from last night's Rainbows/Brownies (safe to say I came home covered in paint!).  I'd been up since 7 waiting for a delivery, but stayed cosy in bed until the delivery man called to say he was on his way. 

9am - The delivery arrived!  It's my new chair for in the dining room, unfortunately I've completely failed at clearing a space for it, and Joe's doing some DIY in the kitchen so it had to go in the middle of the floor.  

10am - I had plans to plant things in the garden.

11am - I was planning on moving and doing stuff, but then this film came on that I've already seen a zillion times and I got sucked into watching it again. 

12pm - My nice husband made potatoes and suggested we watch Gardener's World while we ate them.

1pm - Bit of garden pottering, these raspberries have been so good this year.

2pm - I was still crocheting this on last months photo an hour day too!

4pm - After a couple of hours of furniture moving I finally got the chair into it's corner, and the kitchen looking a bit tidier! 

5pm - Time for a rest - alternating between playing Words with Friends against my mum, reading the paper and eating home grown raspberries. 

8pm - I wasn't going to bother taking any more photos, as I was just being cosy, reading, crocheting and watching TV for the rest of the night, but then I noticed RON SWANSON in an episode of the Gilmore Girls and couldn't keep it to myself! 

11pm - Bed and book, goodnight! 

Did you take part this time?  How was your day?



  1. It looks like a lovely day at home - a nice mixture of relaxing and productive stuff.


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