Friday, 12 January 2018

Easy green actions and articles.

Hello!   Start the year off right with some easy online activism and some articles that show that not everything is bad!

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Sign Friends of the Earth's petition, asking the government to find a solution to our plastic problem

This Guardian article says supermarkets should be the ones paying for plastic recycling, and I agree! 

And sign this petition calling for a stop to the UK's ivory trade.  

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Sad news friends, glitter is a micro plastic and it's been wreaking havoc on the environment.  Wendy from Moral Fibres has found some eco friendly glitter alternatives for us though.  

Talking of shiny things, read Vegan Life Magazine's article on the real cost of diamond mining

Talking of expensive things, a wild truffle has been found growing in an urban roof top garden in Paris! 

For example, if we’d like to reduce our rubbish or plastic-waste in 2018, declaring that we’ll “be zero waste” is a huge step. It sets a high (and possibly unrealistic) expectation of ourselves, adds unnecessary pressure and can feel overwhelming before it’s even begun.
That’s not a recipe for a fun ride.
Rather than make grandiose goals, try thinking about the small steps that need to be taken. Break it down into things that you can start on straightaway. You will start making progress, and that will give you the confidence to take the next step when you’re ready.                          Words via
If you're looing for new year's resolutions how about these totally achievable micro actions to cut down waste from Treading my own Path. 
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The NY Times has also published 3 easy new year's resolutions that can help fight climate change

And here's some sensible life advice for the new year from Pip Lincolne.  

And if you're trying out a vegan diet or lifestyle for Veganuary don't forget to check out my vegan tips, and my yummy vegan recipes and product reviews


  1. I hate glitter! At wildplay, we use silver birch seeds as natural glitter! It's a bit of job collecting it and filling a few jars, but so much better than actual glitter!

    1. I love glitter, I'm sad I'll have to give it up! I love your idea though! I used to have a huge silver birch tree outside my flat and I could have set up a glitter factory with the seeds, it glittered everywhere in there, frequently!

  2. I honestly thought that Ivory was already banned from the UK. It's a shame that the USA has only "Mostly" banned it. The thing is we are intelligent countries, are leaders are intelligent, and yet we have to sign petitions asking that the killing of animals for their tusks stops. It's sad. Some of the Rhino species have already been put on the endangered species list.
    I have recently been feeling very guilty about glitter and about straws. Both are being weeded out of my life.
    Thank you so much for sharing this blog post, I have gotten many websites to learn from. Tammy

    1. To be honest I thought Ivory was banned too, but sadly no, I completely agree with you, it's so sad, and so frustrating that our leaders are dragging their heels on so many issues they could solve!
      I have some excellent stainless steel straws, I would recommend that type if you're looking to buy a reusable one! xx


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