Monday, 20 July 2009


Free music

I'm trying to buy less stuff. Which doesn't mean I'm neverever going to buy anything again, but I could definately do with thinning out my CD mountain. My friend reccommended Spotify to me, which is a downloadable free programme that lets you search for and play pretty much any music you can think of, for FREE :D


  1. WOW! Thanks for the tip!
    I had to google up if it's legal - apparently it is?!
    Am embarassed of my tons of CDs too - though some people have even muuch more!!

    It's easy to listen to great music online too..
    Can you listen to Spotify offline too?

  2. Yeah tis legal, they put an advert on every 5 songs or you can pay for it and get no/less adverts and (I think!) they use that money to pay for the songs. I don't think you can use it offline though, cos they stream the music online, it isn't downloaded onto your computer :(


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