Saturday, 4 July 2009


I can't take credit for these...

My Mum grew them, but they have no packaging no food miles and taste better than anything you can buy in a plastic box from the supermarket....



  1. Surely you can share these out with your blogging friends?

  2. Too late!!! They all kind of disappeared!

  3. They look lovely!! :)

    Ours are gone too, alas! They were yummy at the time too! :)
    We have them in the garden though, what's it like to have 'em in big pots?

    Great photo too, it isn't easy to photograph strawberries, as I found out! :)

  4. Thanks :D Glad you enjoyed your strawberries too :)

    The pots were really good actually, we had some hanging baskets and some big pots with holes all down the sides (like these ones
    We had less trouble with snails and slugs, but the birds really enjoyed them until we put some wire mesh around the pots to keep them out!

  5. Those pots look interesting! :)

    I've thought about them, was vetoed out tho as we have a garden! maybe sometime in the future..?

    Thanks for the info! we had quite some snails & slugs in the garden, especially when it was rainy & we didn't pick every day!


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