Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Charity Shop Score...

I found some excellent second hand stuff in the Charity Shops today!!

Alllll this ribbon and lace and red spotty bias binding (my favorite bit!) for £3!!

And this wooden jewellery box, that I think I'm going to paint and make beautiful, but which I've already arranged my earrings in for now because I couldn't wait, for 99p!


  1. I love the treasures you found! Can't wait to see them after you've jazzed them up!

  2. WOW!! LOVE the treasure box!! :)

    Not sure if it even needs any jazzing up?

    You're so lucky to have REAL 2nd hand shops over there!!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the ribbons either!

  3. Thanks Claire :D

    Layla, I can't believe you don't have 2nd hand shops, you're being deprived!

  4. Yes, I'm absolutely deprived!!

    Rural Slovenia, and Slovenia in general, need 2nd hand shops!! :)


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