Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Made in England...

I can't actually find any statistics about how much the UK imports overall, I just end up on government websites that don't seem to give me any answers! But I'm guessing it's a lot, so many things you see in shops have little labels on saying 'made in China/Twain/Korea/India...' and considering the whole running-out-of-oil thing I think we should be saving petrol (do ships/planes run on petrol?) and thinking about trying to use things from our own countries when we can. Which is why I was glad to find these products whose labels all clearly state that they were made in the UK!

I needed a scart lead so I could watch TV in my room and I bought this one from the local market (supporting local business - yey!) and was very pleased to see it had been made in Essex (Mercury TV and video Accessories)! The packaging was recyclable too!

If it was up to me I'd clean the house using lemon juice and vinegar and all those other natural things Kim and Aggie use on how clean is your house (why yes, I am watching too much daytime T.V. at the moment, how could you tell?!! lol), but Mum's yet to be converted to that. We mostly use Ecover but she still has some dangerous addictions. Like Febreze which is made by Proctor and Gamble (booo!!!), so I was super-happy when we found this Febreze copy which, although is still in a plastic bottle (recyclable) and is all chemically, isn't tested on animals and is made in the UK!

She also likes liquid soap, so we found this one which is made in the UK, not tested on animals and has no parabens or triclosan - and even though it's in a plastic bottle it's recyclable! yey!

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