Monday, 11 January 2010

How to Freeze Cookie Dough...

As well as freezing my buns off making Fred the snowman,

I've also been busy freezing my vegan cookies, so I can just put one or three into the oven when it's on and have vegan zero-waste cookies whenever my heart desires.

The cookie recipe I used here makes about 30 cookies, so to stop myself exploding I scooped lots of balls of cookie dough onto a baking tray and put it flat into the freezer overnight.

The next day I transferred all the cookie dough balls into a plastic box then put them back in the freezer to take out as I need them.

This is the first time I've frozen cookies like this - I usually just freeze the whole lot of dough together then defrost it and make a big batch of cookies. I was worried they'd all stick together, because I didn't use any greaseproof paper or anything, but they seem to be fine - yey!


  1. Good! It's a great idea to frozen cookies for having them fresh whenever you want!
    Thanks for the suggestion, we'll try next time!
    And what a beautiful snowman you've done!
    A warm hug!

  2. Thanks Danda! I need a warm hug today - it's FREEZING!!!!

  3. Aww, we still haven't done this!!
    (Somehow I keep getting scared, lol!! And hoping Sis will do it first anyway, she's the cookie fanatic - & makes trash if nothing sweet is around!)

    So in the name of trash, it would be the right thing to do, in the name of healthy food & calories for my sis... not so sure??

  4. PS Lovely snowman!

    Does he have cookies for buttons? Hope not!! :)

  5. Thanks Layla, it took me about an hour to make that snowman and he's only upto my knee! It wasn't as fun on my own! I certainly didn't create food waste for the sake of his buttons - I used bits of gravel off the patio instead!

    Don't be scared of the cookies! And in terms of healthiness, I actually eat less cookies that I make myself, than I did when I used to buy packets of biscuits. Although, I suppose thats because I don't make as many! And I can be disciplined about it, becuase I made myself a rule that I wasn't going to eat or buy any more plastic wrapped biscuits and I'm stubborn enough to make myself, your poor sister just wants to eat biscuits without worrying about such things...I can see how it's difficult (I have a mother who's the same lol!)


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