Monday, 1 November 2010

What I bought this month...

2 stainless steel lunchboxes
3 pairs of socks
2 stainless steel cookie cutters
big issue magazine
3 beautiful japanese napkins from the charity shop
grey fabric dye
2 crochet hooks
loads of cotton yarn off ebay

I'm really cross I had to buy the socks, I have loads - but my feet got soaked in an unexpected downpour and I needed a change of socks so I could cheerfully deal with working a late shift at work!

All the wool, crochet hooks and cookie cutters are for making things for craft fairs, which me and my friend are planning to do this xmas, we're going to make reused/recycled/upcycled/made-from-natural-materials things (the wool is for crochet things and the cookie cutters are for making salt dough christmas tree decorations, the cookie cutters are from Lakeland by the way and came in no plastic packaging! woohoo!)

I've sold lots of my old clothes on Ebay to make room for my new things.

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